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Skip synthesis and assembly altogether and focus on designing your DNA for functionality and performance. From your computer to your hands, Officinae Bio delivers ready-to-use, sequence-perfect, full-length custom vectors that can be used straightaway in downstream applications.


A new breed of products

From personalized cell therapies to precision fermentation, synbio-enabled products are reaching a new height of sophistication that  translate into longer and increasingly complex DNA sequences with challenging manufacturing processes.

Traditional methods of DNA manufacture are struggling to solve an increasing need for large and complex synthetic DNA constructs. Many sequences just can't be built. Which can often mean you're left facing compromising on a promising lead in favour of what is feasible to build.

Is build holding back your design?

Bridging the gap between design and build, finally.

Design your DNA for functionality and performance, without compromise. Officinae Bio delivers ready-to-use, sequence-perfect, full-length custom vectors that can be used straightaway in downstream applications.

DNA foundry services

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* Data as of Q4, 2022


What holds you back?

How do you build a 20kbp gene therapy vector with commercial fragments?

Normally, you need to split your designs into multiple fragments and use hierarchical assembly to get your full-length vector. This dramatically decreases assembly rate which translates into time-consuming and labor intensive colonies screening to find error-free clone.

Design without length constraints  →

How do you engineer for expression specificity when you can’t build a complex repeat-rich promoters?

You end up sourcing your DNA parts through error prone PCR with unreliable results or having to rummage through your -20°C to find the closest piece of DNA to be cut & pasted into your construct.

Lear how Officinae can help you build even the more complex DNA sequence  →

Building impossible DNA

Mastering sequence repeats

Officinae Bio build a 25 kbp vector for gene therapy deemed impossible to assemble due to several identical ITRs scattered across the sequences and countless direct repeats in high-density clusters.

“Your group and [omitted] are the only companies that I know of that are even capable of attempting this kind of work. ”
Celltheon Corporation


Building impossible DNA

Extreme GC and length

Officinae Bio build a 35+ kbp metabolic pathway for the production of a thiopeptide antibiotic which was deemed impossible to synthesize and assemble because of the extreme GC content.

“You debottlenecked our R&D as this may have easily taken 9 months of work ”
University of Manchester



What happens when you combine the best in DNA assembly with advanced Machine Learning ?

We created a DNA build process with a focus of biological complexity at its heart. Vulcanus, is our Machine Learning toolkit that makes even the most challenging build possible.

Vulcanus calculates interactions between sequence, biochemical and physical parameters to return the optimal protocol for DNA synthesis and assembly. Based on thousands of real-world lab trials, it allows us to deliver sequence-perfect full-length custom DNA at a range of lengths and complexities.

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